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Teachers Web is an exclusive platform dedicated to serving the needs of the educational community. We aim to be the web that connects teachers to schools, schools to teachers, parents to teachers and also parents to schools. We have a database of teachers and schools ready to be connected to each other. Our primary objective is to link job seeking teachers, caregivers and instructors to service seeking schools, colleges and institutions.

We are proud to be the first to provide substitute teachers in Nigeria. In the case of an emergency, we can provide substitute teachers for as long as you need to cover for teachers that are unavailable due to one emergency or another.

We provide early year’s teachers, elementary (primary school) and secondary schools, who are trained and experienced in Nigerian, British or American curriculums. We also have caregivers, substitute teachers, language instructors, home tutors, music, dance and instrument teachers and sports coaches as well, ranging from taekwondo to ballet, soccer, swimming, Lawn Tennis, basket ball etc. Our website is also going to contain useful resources for teachers, classroom and teaching ideas, trainings and motivation best suited to each individual or institution. There will also be a forum where teachers can engage with each other, bounce ideas off each other and seek assistance for whatever they need. Our blog will have career resources; online resume services, interview tips, continuous professional development and so much more. Every Monday morning, we will have a motivational Monday’s blog to help our teaching community to kick start the week on a great note.

The Teachers Web is poised to be a safe haven for teacher, tutors and instructors alike, to interact with each other. They will gain valuable lessons and experiences from teachers around the world, while having access to free regular trainings and Continuous professional development (CPD), seminars and workshops.
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